My Story

My name is Rachel. I'm a mommy, wife, glitter connoisseur, singer, antique curator and homemaker. When my husband and I got pregnant, we decided that I would quit my job in communications at my family's ministry and focus on being a mom and raising out daughter. So, a few weeks before she was born, I left and started out on the stay at home mom adventure! 

It was hard at first, being a new mom and being thrust into quite a solitary existence compared to the corporate world; babies don't make very good conversationalists, after all. But after a short while, I adapted. Being Olivia's mommy and taking care of my family is my greatest joy! I've wanted to be a momma my whole life, but I've never been much of a domestic lady. Cooking and cleaning was definitely not my jam... until I started nesting. Since then, I've never gone back to my lazy ways! 

Lately, my days are filled with a little bit of housework, a lot of snuggles, baking, dancing with my baby, spending time with my other mom friends and connecting with friends and followers online. It's great to have a community of other parents around me, supporting and commiserating, and sometimes just being there to remind you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this crazy, busy, exhausting, beautiful journey of parenthood. Join me on Instagram, where I spend most of my time. Find me at @ohrachie

See you there! xoxo- Rachel