Tuesday, November 12, 2019

DIY Waterless Christmas Snow Globes

Confession time... I've been watching Hallmark Christmas movies since last week. I LOVE Christmas, and for me, it can't come soon enough. Well... I at least want to celebrate it as long as possible. With this being Olivia's first Christmas, I want to make it even more magical than it ever has been! I know she won't remember it, but we will have all the cute pictures to show for it. 

I actually got the idea for these waterless snow globes when I was watching a Hallmark movie. Then, I had to go straight to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies. Olivia came with me and waved to all passers by. She was obviously filled with Christmas spirit. ;) 

Here's what you'll need:
- jars
-fake snow
-mini bottle brush trees
-ornaments or figurines 
-ribbon or twine for a finishing touch
- glitter (optional)


1. Arrange your ornaments and trees the way you want them to look in your snow globe.

2. Glue them to the lid. You might find that you need to add something to the lid to give your ornaments some height depending on what you used. I bought wood slivers to glue my ornaments onto, but it doesn't really matter what you use because you likely won't see it once you add the fake snow.

3. Once glue has dried, add your fake snow (and glitter) to the empty jar. A little goes a long way! 

4. Screw the lid with ornaments onto your jar and turn it upside down. You can glue the lid on if you want, but I didn't.

5. Add some pretty twine or ribbon for a decorative touch if you wish!

There you have it! Super easy and so beautiful. I made 4 and only spent about $20 at Hobby Lobby buying supplies! These would make beautiful gifts and if you make them for your own home, they might even become family heirlooms one day. Let me know if you make them and tag me in pictures of them if you post! Can't wait to see what you come up with. 

xoxo- Rachel