Wednesday, October 2, 2019

My Company- Glitterati Sparkle Bar!

It all started with a "reality TV" show (don't most things?). I was watching an episode of a show where cast members were getting all glammed up for a pride parade. There was a woman, adorned in glitter, applying beautiful flags and patterns in glitter on their faces and bodies. 

I was MESMERIZED. Like, what?! This is a thing?! Why haven't I seen it before? How can this be a job? How can I make this MY job? And then my ADD hyper-focus superpower kicked in and within a few days, Glitterati Sparkle Bar was born. I made the branding material and had a mini photoshoot, created a google account and started an Instagram for my new glitter company! What’s that quote? 

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you always imagined.” - Henry David Thoreau 

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I'm a big believer in planning, as you might already know about me, if not, you’re sure to soon find out. However, I also believe that sometimes you have to fake it til you make it and just jump headfirst into a project you’re passionate about. I didn’t put tons of money into it because I did it all myself! So, what did I have to loose? 

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I started reaching out to friends and family and telling them about my new project. My friend Emma Faye had a music festival she was organizing called Good Vibrations Music Festival. She had been looking for a face painter... PERFECT! I reached out and within a month, I had a booth at a music festival! We were PACKED the whole day. It was so fulfilling. I sat in my booth glittering gorgeous faces for 10 hours straight and it didn’t even feel like work. 

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Now, Glitterati Sparkle Bar is a fun little side hustle for me. I do parties and events and occasionally just bring my glitter to my friends house to sparkle them up for fun. If you'd like to book us for an event, send me an email at! You can also follow us on instagram at See you there!  

xoxo- Rachel