Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Weekly Bake

My mom is an incredible cook! Growing up, we ate dinner at home probably AT LEAST 6 nights a week. She's one of those gifted people who can whip up a delicious meal out of the most seemingly random ingredients. It follows that my idea of a great mother includes being creative in the kitchen, so that's something that I'm striving for. I want Olivia to remember all the yummy things that I made for her. 


I like to cook and I can follow a recipe well, but I REALLY love to bake. I desperately want to be a freshly-baked-cookies-after-school kind of mom. So, I have decided to bake at least one thing a week! I call it (drum roll please) "THE WEEKLY BAKE". Original, I know. I've been doing this for the past 3 weeks and I've posted each creation on my Instagram. You can click the pic below to head over there and check it out.

I bake every week on Wednesday and I post to my Instagram stories what we're going to bake the day before, that way, if you want to bake it with me, you can send me a DM and I'll send you the recipe! I also save all the recipes to a board on my Pinterest. I'll link to that below so you can get ALL the recipes we have made thus far.
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If you bake one of these delicious recipes, tag me on IG! I'd LOVE to see how they turned out for you. 

xoxo- Rachel