Saturday, October 12, 2019

Our Trip to Canyon of the Eagles

We are feeling refreshed after our quick trip to Canyon of the Eagles. To be honest, I wasn't SUPER thrilled about this trip because 1) I was terrified to take a road trip with a baby who doesn't love the car and 2) I've never heard anyone say "OMG, you HAVE to go to Burnet".

I asked for y'all's suggestions on Instagram for how to make this trip as easy as possible with Olivia and your advice was SO appreciated. I pumped in the car so we didn't have to stop to nurse the baby, I made her a couple new toys to play with and we traveled primarily during her nap times. And we didn't even have to make any pit-stops! It went pretty darn well!

We left mid-morning on Friday and made it to Burnet to meet my parents in time for lunch and antiquing. And, hello... We also got caffeine. Even Olivia enjoyed a latte. 

(JK. She was chewing on Gil's empty cup.)

It was soooo cold and everyone was taking turns holding Olivia and imagine my reaction when I walked out of a store and saw THIS CUTENESS. 

We got Olivia a bunch of cute stuff from a children's resale shop in Burnet called Dragontails Children's Consignment. Her fall and winter wardrobe is almost complete! Can't wait to show you her cute outfits.

After shopping for a while, we finally pull up to the resort and it was just gorgeous. We stayed in one of the cabins overlooking the lake. It's pet friendly, so we brought our puppies with us. 

The Overlook Restaurant has a delicious menu and everything we had was fantastic. The lake was so peaceful and the views are incredible.

There is an observatory on the grounds with an extremely knowledgeable astronomer who has a program every night where he teaches about the stars and planets and you can see them through his telescope! Unfortunately for us, it was too cloudy to see anything, but we still learned a lot! There was also a man giving a presentation about local snakes and reptiles. He had tons of snakes and lizards and even a rat snake that you could interact with. His name was Henry. Gil loved him. 

There is live music almost every night and a campfire always burning. They even have s’mores kits for sale in the gift shop! I’m sure there are even more things to do that we weren’t aware of as we only stayed one night. We highly recommend this place. It was so peaceful there and had a perfect atmosphere to relax and spend time with loved ones. Click here to learn more about Canyon of the Eagles!

At the end of our trip, we were very tired (especially Olivia) and I think that's a sign that we had a lot of fun. Have you taken any good trips in Texas this year? Let me know where we should go for our next vacation!

xoxo- Rachel